Introduction to silica gel chromatography packing

Issuing time:2023-09-22 10:36

Chromatography is an important means of modern separation and determination and has a long history. Chromatography is widely used in almost all research fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, food science, environment and biology. As the "heart" of chromatographic separation analysis, chromatographic column packing is crucial to chromatographic separation, and the separation effect is largely good or bad. Depends on the choice of chromatographic packing. There are many types of chromatography fillers, and silica gel is one type of chromatography filler. Its status is self-evident, and other fillers cannot compete with it.

Silicon dioxide-Adsorbent-Desiccant-White silica gel beads-A type silica gel-Fine pore silica ge.JPGSilicon dioxide-Adsorbent-Desiccant-White silica gel beads-A type silica gel-Fine pore silica ge.JPG

According to the shape, silica gel can be divided into amorphous silica gel and spherical silica gel, which are used in industry. Among them, spherical silica gel has great advantages in terms of service life, pressure resistance and separation ability, but the cost is also higher than amorphous silica gel. . According to the pore structure, it can be divided into three types: mesopores (10nm), macropores (30nm), and super large pores (100nm). In actual laboratory and industrial applications, particle size is an indicator for selecting chromatographic fillers. The particle size is 10 μm, which is used for industrial preparative chromatography; the particle size is 3-5 μm, which is used for routine laboratory analysis and semi-preparative chromatography, particle size <2μm, used for ultra-high performance analytical chromatography.

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