Application of silica gel — petrochemical industry

Issuing time:2023-08-12 10:37

With the development of petroleum and petrochemical industry, silica gel has been paid more attention as a catalyst carrier.

Silicone has properties such as acid resistance, heat resistance, high wear resistance, etc. At the same time, due to the continuous development of new products and new processes, the carriers have higher and higher requirements and silica gel is widely used as a catalyst carrier in the petrochemical industry such as olefin hydration catalyst carrier, hydrogenation catalyst carrier, olefin oxidation catalyst carrier, olefin polymerization supported high-efficiency catalyst carrier, olefin ammoxidation catalyst carrier.

                                      SILICA GEL-B.png                干燥剂小包装-圆.png

We all know that solid catalysts as important carriers are widely used in organic chemical reactions and petrochemical applications. This type of silica gel carrier is used in the preparation of catalysts, which can increase the effective surface area and pore structure and have important factors affecting catalytic activity and selectivity. Select the appropriate carrier and preparation method to obtain the effective surface area and suitable pore structure, so that the active component has a larger exposed surface, and promote the dispersion and strengthening of the particles, thereby improving the catalytic activity of the active component with a small surface area.

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