Application of Silica Gel - Catalyst Carrier

Issuing time:2023-08-12 10:12

Silica gel is more used as a carrier in terms of catalysts. Both amorphous silica gel and spherical silica gel can be used as catalyst carriers.

Silicon Dioxide-Adsorbent-Desiccant-White Silica Gel Beads-B Type Silica Gel-Mesoporous Silica G.JPGSilicon Dioxide-Adsorbent-Desiccant-White Silica Gel Beads-B Type Silica Gel-Mesoporous Silica G.JPG

At the same time, the extremely high purity can also prevent catalyst poisoning caused by impurities. Catalysts are mainly composed of active substances, cocatalysts and carriers. The carrier is an important part of the catalyst. Carriers are dispersants, binders and supports for catalyst active components. Silica gel just has all the characteristics that catalyst carrier should have. Active ingredients need to have sufficient surface area.

Absorbent-Desiccant-White Silica Gel Beads-Microsphere Silica Gel-4.JPGSilicon dioxide-Adsorbent-Desiccant-White silica gel beads-A type silica gel-Fine pore silica ge.JPG

The dispersion of silica gel can disperse the active ingredient to a certain degree of dispersion and keep it stable. Secondly, it has the function of stabilizer. Silica gel has stable chemical properties, good thermal stability and high specific surface area, which can increase the heat dissipation area and facilitate the heat transfer process. The supporting function of silica gel can use the carrier to give the solid catalyst a certain shape and size. Silica gel has a stable structure and good strength, and the active components can be distributed in the inner pores of the silica gel.

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