What is a desiccant? What is a desiccant used for?

Issuing time:2022-11-03 18:22

Desiccant refers to a substance that can remove part of the moisture in wet substances. Such as calcium sulfate and calcium chloride, etc., are dried by combining with water to form hydrates; physical desiccants, such as silica gel and activated alumina, are dried by physically adsorbing water. The control of moisture is closely related to the yield of the product. For food, under the appropriate temperature and humidity, the bacteria and mold in the food will multiply at an alarming rate, causing the food to spoil, causing moisture and discoloration. Change. Electronic products will also cause metal oxidation due to high humidity, resulting in defects. The use of desiccant is to avoid the occurrence of defective products caused by excess water.

Desiccant is suitable for preventing instruments, meters, electrical equipment, medicines, food, textiles and other various packaging items from getting wet. Desiccant is also widely used in shipping, because the goods are often damaged by moisture during transportation due to high temperature. The agent can effectively dehumidify and prevent moisture, so that the quality of the goods can be guaranteed.

1. Desiccant is used for moisture-proof of bottled medicine and food. Keep the contents dry and prevent the growth of various miscellaneous molds.

2. Desiccant can be used as general packaging desiccant for moisture-proof.

3. The desiccant can be conveniently placed in the packaging of various items (such as instruments, electronic products, leather, shoes, clothing, food, medicine and household appliances, etc.) to prevent the items from being damp, mildewed or rusted.

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